Homey unresponsive after 12 hours.in v2

no diffrence in Homey v2.0.5 experimental needs restart every 12th hour.

I am also experiencing some issues around the MQTT broker. Homey needs restart occasionally and after 2.05 I have found the broker “paused” i n Homey as well.

I wonder how long time Athom needs to fix the “leek” It starts to get really annoying.

Maybe it’s a mqtt broker issue and not a homey core issue?

Finding a memory leak is like finding a tiny needle in a massively huge hay stack, incredibly difficult to find the main cause, so how long it takes really depends if they can find the leak, or maybe even multiple leaks.

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If I restart the wireless weather sensor app every night the memory is below 120mb all the time and I don’t lose connection to homey and do not need to restart homey every night

Did you deselect all discover-able brands from devices you don’t have from the list?
It’s recommended by the creator…

I am also running the app and i don’t have any problem with it. In my list only “cresta” is selected.