Homey unresponsive after 12 hours.in v2

I felt as well like it has to be something w/ am interference and a pretty poor eeehm sensitive wifi chipset on Homey.

Tried all the stuff mentioned here, stronger adapter, different cable, checked firewall and router, disabled 5GhZ but for sure I’m not going to change my router as it’s simple:

The issues started w/ v2.0 and therefore it usually cannot be simply related to the hardware.

Can imagine the channel may cause issues - however, still waiting for the 2nd answer of Athom support… let’s see …

I borrowed both wifi and zigbee sniffers, was the last shot to try :blush:

Okay, my mistake, use a arduino nano selfmade amp meter. Made a mistake in the Code.
After correcting the code, messurements are for the Homey-pro max 1.14 (spike) so asume that 2 amps would be suitable.


Anyone got some answer from Athom about the memory problem? I´ve just got one answer from bram that it was forwarded to devs some weeks ago… But when i asked after a while if they needed any more from info me an how it was going with the case there was no response at all.

Did send a email about status of the call towards athom, but no response mail today.
Can’t tell you the status.

Today i received a email reply from homey.

They told me that they going to fix the problem for the memory leak.

They have not give me anymore details what the problem is and when the fix will be released.

Looks like a problem in the homeycore not in any apps


Its same in 2.0.5-rc2, unresponsive after 12 hour.

I recieved an email about the memory leak from support today. They hope to be able to fix it soon.

I have this problem as well. What is soon ??

definition of soon
But in this case, 2.0.5 currently in experimental is already better :slight_smile:

Good question, i wish i knew.

Athom takes the stand things come when they come. When they go and mention a time they come with things, they put pressure on themself. Like coming with Homey 2.0, they stick with ‘soon’.

For now i looks oké in version 2.05
No response from athom yet if its realy ifixed

For me it’s not OK. Yesterday evening I had to reboot Homey again after updating to version 2.0.5. So no difference. After a few MQTT broker calls (I think) I saw Homey using more memory!

no diffrence in Homey v2.0.5 experimental needs restart every 12th hour.

I am also experiencing some issues around the MQTT broker. Homey needs restart occasionally and after 2.05 I have found the broker “paused” i n Homey as well.

I wonder how long time Athom needs to fix the “leek” It starts to get really annoying.

Maybe it’s a mqtt broker issue and not a homey core issue?

Finding a memory leak is like finding a tiny needle in a massively huge hay stack, incredibly difficult to find the main cause, so how long it takes really depends if they can find the leak, or maybe even multiple leaks.

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If I restart the wireless weather sensor app every night the memory is below 120mb all the time and I don’t lose connection to homey and do not need to restart homey every night

Did you deselect all discover-able brands from devices you don’t have from the list?
It’s recommended by the creator…

I am also running the app and i don’t have any problem with it. In my list only “cresta” is selected.