Homey turns the wrong devices on and off

I have a number of 433 MHz devices from Nexa and Telldus. All of these devices work fine, but when turning some of these devices on or off, manually or through flows, other devices turn on or off as well.

Is this something known (I tried searching and googling to no avail), and/or can I do something about it?

Pls reset the memory of the Socket or un-learn the incorrect signal.
Like the Klikaan Klikuit I guess Sockets can learn multiple codes.

If Socket A learns Remote (code) Ra and Socket B learns Rb but also learned signal Ra this socket switches together with A

I fully reset all units before relearning them. So that shouldn’t be the issue.

Did you add the devices one after each other? So that the first device might still have been in learning mode when you added the second?

I did, but that would suggest they stay in learning mode for several minutes after they’ve blinked to confirm the learning “took”. Doesn’t that seem a bit odd?

I could redo the learning, but then I also have to redo the flows I’ve already made, I assume?

Probably, because creating/learning a new code only works from the pairing process, AFAIK.

If your devices have an option to unlearn a code, like @Dijker suggested , that might be a better way.

Oh yeah, you’re right. If I can figure out which devices are controlling the wrong physical devices, I should be able to unlearn that code by turning them off at the right time. Thanks for the idea, I’ll give it a go tonight.

An update, in case anyone else had or have the same issue:

It was possible to unlearn the specific devices that acted up, and then relearn them, but the problem then just moved to another device. Ultimately it all solved itself after Homey released a software update (don’t remember which). Appears to have been a bug.