Homey setup stuck on "Homey is in closed Beta"

After I put Homey (2016) in recovery mode I get stuck in the app during the installation.
After selecting ‘add a room’ I end up in a screen ‘Homey is in closed beta’.
The installation will not continue without entering a code … which I don’t have.

  1. Can I get a code on short term?
  2. Is there another way around this screen?

Sounds like you’re trying to add a Homey Cloud/Bridge, not a Homey Pro (a 2016 Homey is also called “Homey Pro” nowadays).

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Choose Setup Homey PRO !!

See [HowTo][Pro] Restarting Homey Pro to Recovery Mode - Adv. Options From Mobile

Also see Homey (Early 2016), Homey (Early 2018) and Homey (Early 2019) vs Homey Pro vs Homey (beta)

Hey Robert, I have no bridge, nor a Homey Pro.
That’s why I selected ‘add a room’
Selecting Homey Pro did the trick and I’m installing now.
Thanks for the advice.

Yes, you do: all white-ball Homey’s are now called “Homey Pro”, also the older generation.

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