Homey bridge out of beta stage? [No! Still Beta!]

It looks like if the bridge is out of beta stage…

I just visited the app store and now the homey beta is changed in too Homey and Homey pro option, no more beta…

Nope, still Beta.

But in the App store it should be more clear if a App is only for Pro or also for Homey (with or Without Bridge)

And also shows the correct devices (but that already did before with the smaller switch)

and Hides the app when you visit a App for Pro while your switch is on Homey.

Well done. Much more clearer now

Is there any way to filter your searches or only get to see apps availible for Homey (Bridge).
Now it’s a mess imo.
It’s a bit better now than before but it’s still confusing. It might be because I’m still new to all this but I find it confusing.

Will any tools ever be availible for Homey (Bridge), like countdown or similar tools?
Right now it’s pretty hard to do any automations with time, unless you do delays and activate/deactivate flows but that is a lot of flows, for something that could be done in one or two flows with some simple tools.

No, (at least not yet…)

see the Topic: Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI) or the official The new Homey — Beta Status | Homey page.

Probably not, but there is a lot of info and discussion about that in the above topic.

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As announced by Emile @ Slack

Phew, shocked by this topic, I know it is beta, which is fine, but it’s certainly not not beta worthy, loses connection every now and then which makes it kind of unreliable, which is fine, well ok, for beta but not production ready yet.

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You must have a hard life, some newspapers also use this type of Header / titles.
And on some social media even worse.
It was just @B3rt asking a question

while imo you could just visit official page The new Homey — Beta Status | Homey

I can asure Athom wil use that page and marketing communication to inform when it changes and how much time you have tilnyou need the premium subscription.

I changed the title and close the topic.