Homey restart after webhook (Solved)

Hi everybody,

I use a shelly1 device to control my dumb toggle switch, i have set it up to send a webhook to homey when turned on or off. my webhook looks like this:
http://{local_homey_ip}/api/manager/logic/webhook/badkamer1?tag=on when turned on
http://{local_homey_ip}/api/manager/logic/webhook/badkamer1?tag=off when turned off
but after the turn off webhook homey becomes unresponsive (offline) and restarts after about 10 minutes.
Does anybody have experience with this issue? suggetions to solve this or find another way to do the same? after days of trying i’m out of ideas…

What exactly does the webhook trigger on Homey?

It sets a variable to no:

when i turn the switch off, i see the variable being toggled to no and after that homey becomes unresponsive for ten minutes and restarts.

And you have no other flows that may trigger when the Badkamer1 variable changes?

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Ahhhh!!! i found it! it was in the flow that followed after the variables changed! i managed to get it to loop endlessly. this is so stupid :persevere:
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

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