[Bug][Homey(cloud)] "When variable has changed" trigger, also triggers if variable got updated with the same value

(On Homey Pro this is not occurring)

Hi all,

@ Homey (beta / cloud):
After creating some flows to trigger on weather changes, I think I found a little bug.

This flow saves the weather type to a created text variable, every 15 minutes, regardless if it has changed or not:

This flow gets triggered by a change of the created variable, but,
it also triggers when the var got updated with the same value.
The 2nd trigger situation shouldn’t happen, while the value did not change:

Can anyone reproduce this?
(It also occurs with numeric variables)


Same here on Homey Beta

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Check, I’ll inform Athom about this issue.

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Added to the list :wink:

In English: The code is fixed, but when it gets implemented is unkown.