Help needed: Triggering flows when changing a variable to a certain value doesn't work like it should


I have some flow that should trigger when a variable (default build in logic) change to a certain value. I have around 10 flows, that all wait for the same variable to change: variable ‘homemode’. The first flow should trigger when the variable ‘homemode’ is set to ‘ABC’, the second one if the variable change to ‘KLM’, and the third one… etc… etc…

So I have 10 flows that look like this:

When Logic homemode is changed
And Logic homemode is equal to ABC

But the strange thing is that, when I change the value of the variable, not only the right flow starts, but also 2 of the other flows! It doesn’t matter if the value is changed via a flow or directly in the app. So for example, I change the value of the variable to ABC, so above flow starts, but also a flow that only should start when the value is set to KLM and a flow that only should start when the value is set to XYZ…

What am I doing wrong? Those last 2 flows should not start at all. The value in the ‘When’ part of the flow doesn’t mach at all.

Also, when I test the last 2 flows manually in the app, while the value of the variable is still ABC, I get the red exclamation mark. So then It works like it should.

Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong? Hope you guys know a way to work around this.

Can you share please you flows?
There is a very nice „share Flow Function“ built in. :grinning:

I momentarily have the same problem. For about 1 month ago it worked. I than decided to disable the flow. Yesterday I enabled the flow but suddenly it does not work. When I for instance set the variable to Our House I get the exclamation mark.

Yes I can… :smile: these are 3 of the flows as example:

I’ve also send Athom Support a message, hoping they know whats wrong.

Lots of question mark in your flow, maybe the variables are gone or changed names?
Homey is not so tolerant in name changing, in the past you could do that without problems.

Yes I see it in my flow, on my phone the ? Was not there. But as ut turns out for me now the flow database of homey has been corrupted. At this moment I cannot access any flow anymore

Now we know the issue you suspect and the flows.
Imho they look good!.
Tried to reproduce in three basic flows but here it works as expected.
How did you find the wrong flows also execute?

Do you have fe the simplelog as evidence ?

Yes I Iog in SimpleLOG. And I also tested by just creating some flows, that all have to turn one light on, most of the time 3 lights turn on, instead of just 1.

I am most interested in the log lines when you change the value for the above shared flows…

And if you three new flows with the logic variable and only one action: the log action.
Do all three flows then also trigger? Then we have a serious case to create a bug report for Athom.

Here is an example. I changed the variable to ‘comfort’. In 1 or 2 seconds you see 3 flows trigger. The funny thing is, in the logging I write the value of the variable (in this case the bold word ‘comfort’). And as you can see, in the logging the right value is written.

2019-12-17 14:50:36 Test: Comfort aan NEW - kachel hoog = gestart (modus is comfort )
2019-12-17 14:50:36 Test: Automatisch aan - verlichting NIET nodig NEW = gestart (modus is comfort )
2019-12-17 14:50:35 Test: Buiten huis aan NEW - licht NIET nodig = gestart (modus = comfort )

Wait a minute… The flows ‘buiten huis’ and ‘Automatisch’ have 2 checks in the ‘then’ field… Can that be the problem?

See the flow Automatisch:

- EDIT 2 -
Yes, looks like thats the problem. I disabled the flows, that check for more than 1 variable in the ‘Then’ field and now it looks like all other flows workt good… I’m going to do some more testing…

2 checks should be ok, or even more checks. Maybe u can try to remove the “variable is gelijk aan” card and use “is precies” card. Pick the variable from the tag in the card and just type the “Buitenhuis” in the field below. In this case u can avoid accidental spaces.
I have lot’s of this flows running on a variable change and they work like a charm.

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