Variable yes/no issues in flow HP23

Found some strange behaviour when using yes/no variable in flows.
It didn’t work directly so entered edit and could run manually.

But then it doesn’t execute again.
Until I disable/enable the flow to ‘re-initiate’?
Does it de-rail somehow when in edit mode?

Reported in Asana, possible bug.

Anyone else had these issues?

Don’t know, maybe depends on how you use it …
From WebApp (today 1.9.56) on Homey Pro (Early 2023) 10.0.0-rc.131 it works to test this 10 times in a row. (without even saving the flow.)

What error do you get?

The flow doesn’t trigger by itself, nothing happens.

Lets look into my crystal ball,

Yep, nothing happens…

And stil it works for me.

I cannot reproduce it myself just now.
But if it stucks just disable and enable the flow and it starts working again.