Best way to trigger a flow from homeyscript

what is the best way to trigger a flow from inside homeyscript

Probably using Homey.flow.triggerFlow(), although I’m not sure if Homeyscript has the correct permissions to do that. If not, you have to use workarounds (like using a Homeyscript as a condition which will either allow or prevent a “Start a Flow” action, or using Homeyscript to call a webhook).

Thanks for the tip. I discovered that I did not have permission to trigger flows directly.

What I did instead is to run the homeyscript as an and condition, and add a then Logic to set a textual variable based upon a tag from the script. Then I changed the flows to trigger when the text variable changed to specific items. Im very happy with this way to solve it for my specific use case at least.

I don’t understand myself why Athom has decided to limit Homeyscript like that :frowning:

Yeah, that’s a good solution :+1:t2:alternatively, you can make your condition script either return a true or a false and trigger the “THEN” (when “true”) or “ELSE” (when “false”) card.

True false, also a good tip, but in my use case Id like to run one of 8 different “scene” flows for a room.

My attempt did work well the first time, but then I suddenly was not able to set a tag anymore. I did a restart. And now I run into the same problem described here:

The specific error I get is:

Cannot set value, token is not registered

Have you been using await setTagValue, and have you had trouble with it?

I’m wondering if setTagValue is deprecated, and if there is a newer API…

AFAIK there isn’t a newer API, but I’ve seen this issue before. I think it has to do with tags/tokens not being persistent, so after a reboot they don’t exist anymore. However, I would expect them to get created when you use setTagValue for the first time, but apparently they don’t :frowning:

Perhaps you could ask around on the Homey Slack channel, specifically on the #developers channel.

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Can’t you instead use a better logic variable, those don’t work with tokens i think ?

I haven’t found a way to store Homey variables. But I did managed to set Better Logic variables to store data:

let BLApp = await Homey.apps.getApp({id:"net.i-dev.betterlogic" });

hey guys. so is it still not possible to trigger a flow from homeyscript?

No, I don’t think anything has changed there :frowning:


This is an old thread, so I have to ask, has something changed since March 2020?
I am starting to look at Homeyscript, and I was able to toggle my lights on/off, purely through hscript.

How far did you look?

well, yes, this runs a flow card defined within the script. But this thread is about running existing flow (created in the from script. Therefore, I dared to ask.

Not quite, the script can run existing flowcards: the AND and THEN cards.
It however can’t trigger a complete flow (with the IF “This flow is started” card).

The example-flowcard-list outputs all of your AND and THEN cards, so you can search for the right id and stuff