[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

Homey Heating Scheduler will be upgraded by Markus. Source: Github


I just migrated plugwise2py to sdk3. So once Athom approves it it will be ready for 2023 and the new Homey Pro.


A little sigh of relief: :blue_heart:


It sure is!

Although this makes it less urgent for developers to update their apps to SDK 3 perhaps… :wink:

(Devils advocate; I hugely appreciate all the work developers do!)

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I am curious about @Arie_J_Godschalk 's new app, which connects the new Homey with the old. The development of his apps is rapid and something really big is coming. He will certainly not only develop this app so that the LED ring and the loudspeaker remain usable with the old Homey.
I am so excited…


Are there developers willing to update apps for a fee? perhaps it’s an idea to open up contribution / donation based upgrades. personally i would love to see the home-assistant github app to be upgraded to sdk3 because i use the scripts / scenes that are not available to the official app unfortunately i’m not a coder but i wouldn’t mind to pay someone to help me/us to upgrade it

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You can’t update an app in the official store if you are not the owner. So developers not maintaining their apps have to transfer the ownership to another dev. But if the old dev is not answering on forum posts or other contact data is not known or devs don’t want to, it’s not possible.

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in my case the app is on a github not touched for 4 years

Afaik Athom can ‘force’ the transfer, for apps in their appstore, if a dev does not respond to anything in x days.
(Yea ofcourse there has to be a new dev for it)

On your case Athom also released an HA app recently, and it’s SDK3. But it differs from the github / store.homey.community version.

That’s not how copyrights work.

Good point, that’s why I used ‘afaik’

No. The only thing Athom would do is to allow a second (new) app for the brand - what is not allowed else.
But as you don’t own the code, you need to write a new app from scratch.

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as is said … scene and scripts Athom version doesnt support that… at the moment i use both of them

Have you counted the number of Yale apps in the store? :joy:

honest question. how does it work? in the example that the code is on GitHub so freely available aren’t you aloud to fork it and use it ?

No. But the one brand - one app rule ist still alive. Only for different standards (cloud/wifi) this should not matter?

It depends if the license of the code explicitly allows it. If not, then no, you’re not allowed to fork it and use it (even if it’s posted online and forking isn’t expressly prohibited).

If the code has no license, strict copyright applies.

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Understand. Thanks

Most pages in the app store have a donation button.