[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list


I want someone to say “for x amount I will port the app” then I can see if we can crowdfund that particular app or there is simply not enough demand for it.

I’m not going to put money in a jar hoping someone will even notice

Look no further than my HomeyKit app:

The amount I’m asking for is the price of a new Homey Pro.


Yes I love you approach, and you immediately know if people want see it on the Homey Pro 2023 or not lol

I hope more dev’s take this approach and perhaps even update my needed app that’s on life support currently.

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Nice, 400€ for porting from SDK2 to SDK3?
Then I know why no donations are left for other devs :expressionless:
It’s a bit of blackmail… What if every dev wants a Homey for free?

To be fair when apple decided to use a brand new chipset the Apple M1 all developers could buy (officially borrow) a special MacMini M1 for 75% discount.

If you create a new development platform and you are relying on other coders to make your product what is it. you should really embrace your community app builders instead of just throw a new device in the mix and hope for the best.

the more i read on the forum’s and chat the greater my doubt get that the new Homey will actually be a success

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That’s a tough discussion.

Let’s say you (or anybody) use 20 community developer’s apps and donate €1,00 to each. That’s cheap compaired to the investment most here did/do on hardware.
I’m pretty sure that would cover the cost of a new Homey for most developers.

But I also agree with @JB2K, perhaps Athom should in some way sponsor the community developers.

Correct. That’s about 2.5x my hourly rate, which is probably less than the amount of time I will actually spend on porting my app.

The “blackmail” part in this equation is Athom dropping SDK2 apps from the app store for existing Homey owners with the clear intention to force devs to rewrite their apps to SDK3 so they will run on the new Homey Pro.

I don’t want a Homey for free, I’m just not going to spend €400 on a device that I won’t be using for any other reason than to maintain my apps (which, by the way, I also do for free).


But isn’t the current Homey Pro switching to SDK 3 as well?
Is a Homey Pro 2023 mandatory then for porting and testing apps to/on SDK 3?

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No, it’s not, but it’s a completely different device (and from what I can gather also has a completely different way of running apps), so to be able to fully test an app you really need one (just like you need a Homey Bridge if you want to write and test your apps for that device).

Could be a start for developers then, since the SDK 2 apps will disappear for the current Homey Pro in the App Store too.
As long as it is in test, uses can install that version on Homey Pro 2023 untill the reactions are that it it stable on that Homey too…

Wait… if the old one also gets SDK3 and SDK3 doesn’t support Speaker and Ledring… does that mean the Homey 2019 gets crippled by the new firmware?

-its not the case… pfiew… -

If I understand correct from Athom it should be possible for you to upgrade the App to SDK3 with your current Homey (Pro) (Early 2019) or older.
( But you are right, for some things it could be better to test also with a new device, just to be sure it works if users mention issue.)

But apart from that, I understand you now open the “Donations” to port [App][Pro] HomeyKit

I just realized the same for myself,

if only 50% of my users of my App donated 1€ it would compensate my extra investment that gave some “relational discussions” and even give me half of the const to take here out for a dinner.

But I was that “naïve” I sponsored Athom to get a image Tag on my name.
Losing my links to Paypal and Patreon on my apps…

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No, that is not said…

SDK3 does support the LED ring: ManagerLedring - Homey Apps SDK v3

And also audio (which I assume is required for the speaker): ManagerAudio - Homey Apps SDK v3


No, it’s not SDK3 that doesn’t support speaker and ledring, it’s the Homey Pro 2023 hardware.


Of course that’s possible, otherwise there wouldn’t be any SDK3 apps available :smiley:

The HomeKit protocol is already quite fragile in combination with Homey, the planets have to be aligned just right for it to work properly. I’m guessing (but that’s just a guess) that the new Homey Pro will run apps in Docker containers, which makes networking even more challenging. Hence the requirement to test on one.

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that makes having “Everything Local” a new interpretation. as I expect the container image should come from an Athom repository. But it could that Athom “Backports” the Cloud to the Local Homey Pro that way, but it would make it a very big change.

Let’s wait what the Homey Pro 2023 brings and if it is such a big change.

But I suppose that doesn’t make it illegal to put a PayPal link on the [App] topic here? :wink:


Sure, ill update apps.
Might depend on the app sometimes, but mostly it only takes a few hours.
As long as other people test, because i dont have all apps installed.

Docker will use existing (cached) images. The system could do a “pull” periodically to fetch any updates, similarly to how firmware updates work.


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