[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

And how much time you can spend on it :wink:

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I don’t know that much about it but big compliments for you guys

Yeah I plan to run both alongside each other and gradually migrate.

Thank you!

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  • Search and display SDk2 apps + updates
    (SDk3 is OK, but SDk2 is deprecated)

  • Show all app permissions; Possible incompatible apps with Pro 2023: ledring, speech, sound, nfc (pls tell me if this is not correct)

Just save and run this Homeyscript, the result is sent to Timeline:

// Search and display app updates for SDk2 (SDk3 is OK, but SDk2 is deprecated)

// Show all app permissions; Possible incompatible apps with Pro 2023: ledring, speech, sound, nfc

let updatesArr = await Homey.apps.getApps().then(f => Object.values(f).reduce((r,b)=>Object.assign(r,b.sdk == 2 ? {[b.name]:b.updateAvailable} : ''), {}));
let appUpdates = JSON.stringify(updatesArr, null, 1);
//console.log('SDk2 apps with Update available:\n' + appUpdates);

let permissionsArr = await Homey.apps.getApps().then(f => Object.values(f).reduce((r,b)=>Object.assign(r, 
{[b.name]:b.permissions}), {}));
let appPermissions = JSON.stringify(permissionsArr, null, 1);
//console.log('\nPermissions:\nPossible incompatible apps with Pro 2023: ledring, speech, sound, nfc\n' + appPermissions); 

        uri: 'homey:manager:notifications',
        id: 'create_notification',
        args: {
          text: 'SDk2 apps with Update available:\n' + appUpdates +'\n\n' + 'Permissions:\nPossible incompatible apps with Pro 2023: ledring, speech, sound, nfc\n' + appPermissions + '\n\nScript sdk2-apps_show_updates_-_show_all_permissions'

It’s now combined with this nice one:
(run this code in playground)


That is very handy @Peter! Thx!
Only thing is: the script says Tado (the Athom version) is on v2 while the App Store says it is compatile with Homey Pro 2023.
Life 360 is just the other way around: the script says v3, while the App Store says incompatible…


All Athom apps on SDK2 show no messages because of that. I guess they filtered them out.
But some SDK3 apps do show a warning, because of certain permissions which are not in the 2023 pro.

Like, does it still have a speech sintax?

Soundboard is sdk2, but it does not show that warning.
Only the: will not work on 2023 message. I still don’t know jow they did that. :wink:

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You’re welcome Henk.
I really expect Athom to have their in-house apps ready in time, for the Pro 23 :upside_down_face:

The dev says it’s on v3 :nerd_face:. And as far as I can see it doesn’t use speech/sound/nfc/ledring.
Maybe it uses the /userdata*** folder.

I don’t see why the store marked it as incompatible.
Maybe @MarcelT has a clue :pray:
Or better, maybe @Emile has a clue :wink:

Plans were to make `/userdata’ not available for apps on Pro 23. But:

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Thanks guys for the explanations.
Hope we can clarify it, because it seems mandatory to have a 100 safe way of checking if your apps will run on Homey Pro 2023 before upgrading…

My apps do to, but they have no warnings (yet), and as far as i know, the userdata folder is not yet creating the warning automaticly.

It is a bit odd they didn’t create a watertight filter :upside_down_face:
Like I wrote earlier, some folks seems to know more about Homey than Athom :crazy_face:

since the announcement I have a problem:
When I try to install a new App on my Homey (eary 2018 v8.0.8) most of the Apps in Appstore drop the error message that they are not compatible with “Homey (Early 2023)”

It seems that the AppStore thinks that my Homey is the early 2023 model. How can i fix that?

Not sure if this question fits here - please move it if not.

Thank you

It’s showing up for me too, but it doesn’t prevent me from installing the app. It’s just a friendly message that encourages you to let the developer know their app is a dinosaur.

XD yeah unfortunately dinosaurs will die sooner or later.
Thank you for your fast response.

The message did prevent me from installing an app - it seems I found the single one which is really incompatible with “early 2019”

that’s an app issue that isn’t related to it being unsupported for the New(ly) announced Homey Pro.
It is an issue that most 99%(?) of the apps have since fixed, i guess you found just the one that still has it.

Has to do with how the app has filled in from what Homey version the app is supported, this was formatted incorrectly.
Every Homey won’t be able to install it if the Homey is anything v2.x.x and after.
You can’t fix it, only the developer of said app.


At 01.01.2023: “damn, was that today?”


You found an App That is available to install on Homey Firmware v1.0.0 to v1.5.3
So you get an error if Your Homey has newer firmware…

Some apps also have the same error when you install the app on an old Homey version, so the app is updated, but Homey is not up to date. I just had that same issue with one of my 2 test Homeys I don’t use that often, most apps still could be installed, but others couldn’t. So always check if Homey is updated, if so, the app isn’t compatible.

Haven’t had a old Homey version in 3 years, so I wouldn’t know.
And most apps have the capability on v5.0.0 or higher, some ZigBee have 6.0.0 or higher, which has both been a while for updates.
Don’t think I’ve seen anything with higher.

I made a complete importable Advanced flow for update & permissions checks:

FYI The homeyscript is updated & extended with app permissions & writes results to timeline