[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

Had no issues with BetterLogic so far - use it for approx 20 - 30 variables, with triggers and conditions in use daily.

In test now with SDK3 Honeywell evohome
See topic : [APP] [Pro and Cloud] Honeywell EvoHome



@Arie_J_Godschalk , with some problems, checking it out now.
After upgrade to 4.0.0 the device shows that there is a error and needs to be repaired.

I can’t reproduce this at the moment…at my home everthing works fine.
So be carefull with the upgrade, or downgrade it back to 3.1.3

O, thanks, but no worries, i will not update for a few weeks, got enough on my mind and i still use the “old” second location app.
Plus, i cannot run this house and office without it, it’s my most important usage for Homey: managing my (double) central heating through the Honeywell app.

So, no hurries for me :wink:


I’ll put it on my list.

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Legend, thank you!


Ikea tradfri gateway app

Has anyone heard anything about an update to SDK3 for the ikea Tradfri gateway app?

I tried to contact the developer/volunteers via a review in the Appstore and via a DM on the forum.

The link in the list “apps that need an update in some way or form” has the most clicks of all items in that list. So I assume that I am not the only one who is curious about an update to SDK3.

I know that Ikea has introduced a new gateway but I hope that the old gateway will keep working/be supported for some time.


Is updated to SDK 3 :slight_smile:


Nice one Martijn!


@Arie_J_Godschalk, issue with the Honeywell evohome app is found.
Checkout : [APP] [Pro and Cloud] Honeywell EvoHome - #14 by Mickel_Luiten

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The Nefit Easy app has been updated to SDKv3, now available as test.


I sent a mail to Athom asking about the Homeyduino app, got the following response:

At the moment we haven’t updated the Homeyduino to SDKv3 yet (we’re working on the last details of the software for the new Homey Pro) but we will probably do this before the release of Homey Pro (Early 2023).

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As I was informed by @MarcoRuiter on Slack, a SDK3 version of the app NEO Coolcam is available on GitHub.
(I updated the info in the first post accordingly).


And i am still waiting on a response from Niels for Simplelog. I have send another mail yesterday.


Nice! I also asked them a few weeks ago then they did not know it jet.

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After an initial answer, I have lost contact. :frowning:

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Bad …. I’m also a roborock user

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Unfortunately that’s a pity🙁

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Anyone else using Sunway Window Covering’s app besides me?
If you want to be able to use it in the new Homey pro 2023, you can press a little and write an email to Sunway benelux BV.
See the email below from Homey support!

Hi Hans-Jochen,

My apologies for my late reply.

I was waiting a little longer because I was hoping that I could give you a certain yes or no. Because it’s a partner app we are not going to update it to SDK3. However we are still in consultation with the developer about who is going to do this. It will help if you notify the developer about your wish for an SDK3 version. In this case it’s Sunway benelux BV. You can reach them via info@sunway.nl

I hope this answers your question to your satisfaction, which is why I’m closing your ticket. If you need additional support, please feel free to re-open your ticket by answering this email.

I wish you a great day and a lot of fun with Homey!
Best Regards,


The Athom support team.