[Homey Pro (Early 2023)] App unsupported list

New Flowcard in FTP Client:

Get an Image Token from URL

This replaced the Image Grabber App.


Yep i am,and will take a look at it later on


Anyone know anything about Sunway Window Covering’s app? Will it be updated to SDK 3?

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I join the question!

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Have you asked the developer? Mostly there is a link at the app page.

Then you would know it won’t get updated to SDK3

You could try it via Athom, they probably have more to say to the company for such things, or different way(s) to communicate to.
Might also be Athom themselves that have written the (initial) code.

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Thank you for the nice tone in your reply.


It’s an app made by Athom.

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I am looking at this topic with a lot of interest. Pre-ordered the new Homey. The old one has given me a lot of pleasure and shortly after I at last ordered the pro version to my suprise there is a real pro version coming.

After days of begging, ultimately my dear wife, told me I definitely needed that new one🤭

With great respect i read that the non profit developers are doing a great job with all there apps. This is quite something we “users” overlook to quickly. I do shame myself i don’t donate(but are capable of buying the new Homey) and hope you can forgive me.

But do know I have a lot of respect for the work you do. I really try to learn some scripting, but somehow my brains do not understand how a human beeing is able to program. You have to rethink so increadably. My own brains turn up screwed after a few hours of scripting. And i know thats really far away of making an app. So many thanks :pray: to all of you.


Thanks! You are super!
I assumed it was such, but can’t find any info on it no matter how I’ve searched!

Hi all.
I develop some of the apps in the list, those will be updated well before Christmas.

  • Weather Forecast from SMHI
  • Philio (Z-wave)
  • D-Link (Z-wave)
  • Open UV
  • Hoppe Z-wave Handles

// Johan


Hi @MarcoRuiter, do you plan to update the NEO Coolcam app to SDK3?




Eufy Security supports Homey Pro 2023 as of now :slight_smile:

Changelog: [APP][Pro] Eufy Security - #2911 by martijnpoppen


[CountDown App voor Homey | Homey] (the classic version :wink: ) is now also supporting Homey Pro 2023.

Big thanks to @Arie_J_Godschalk for quickly updating the code to SDK3 and implementing some new features like creating timers within the flow instead of only in the app settings.


I asked Max van de Laar @MaxvandeLaar from the WebOS plus app from the community store if he would updated his app, he replied that he will look at it! he said that he didn’t updated the app in the beginning because many people didn’t update their homey at that time. so good news :clap: :clap:


Hi, @Ricardo Snoek do you plan to update the Sony BRAVIA Android TV
app to SDK3?

Is transferred to me. Will update it to SDK 3 :slight_smile:


Happy to donate/test if you are able look at the Heatmiser app that Athom originally developed. Think it was possibly SDK 1 though.