Homey Pro DLAN

I intend to run my HomeyPro via LAN but routing it via DLAN (Fritz/AVM) to my Fritzbox 7580, which is in another room. It does not seem to get a connection though but continues to use the WLAN. Any advice here?

In the Homey app, go to “More > Settings > General > About”. What does it state below “Connectivity”?

It says WLAN connected “yes” and Ethernet connected “no”

So either:

  • you connected the Ethernet adapter incorrectly
  • it doesn’t get an IP-address on the Ethernet interface for some reason
  • you’re the victim of CableGate and the USB-C cable that connects the adapter to Homey is inadequate

Thanks a lot!

#1 does not apply
so remains #2 and #3

What is CableGate and how can I check/resolve it?

You can check and (hopefully) resolve it by using a different (good quality) USB-C cable than the one provided with Homey.

As for connecting the Ethernet adapter incorrectly: just to make sure, the short cable of the Ethernet adapter is plugged into the power supply, and the long cable that plugs into the side connector of the adapter is connected to Homey, right?

yes short cable is in the power supply. I exchanged the Homey cable against an Apple USB-C cable, but no change. So there must be something with the DLAN connection.