Homey Pro died, no way to get a new one and no support?

My Homey Pro died after exactly 365 days. I tried different USB 5V power supplies but it won’t boot (no rings lighting up). Also there is some hissing/white noise coming from the bottom of the Homey.

The Homey Pro isn’t in stock anywhere, I would’ve bought a spare/replacement because a lot relies on this device, and I’ve thrown out my old hub a few months ago.

Can’t contact support either, no phone or nothing. Creating a ticket requires a diagnostic report which I can’t make for obvious reasons.

Create a ticket and fil in NA for the diag.


What types of 5V power supply did you try? Make sure they can provide 2.5A (12.5W) or more, and don’t use cheap (Aliexpress) ones.


Several Samsung and Anker.

I enter a - at the diag field, and it works. C’mon, you’re a smart guy?

Sorry, yeah, I have made a support ticket and will be returning my Homey Pro today.

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