Homey Pro backup without subscription?

Those resources are paid for by the subscription model. It’s really not that difficult to understand.


Athom decides,
@robertklep just is a messenger (based on experience and knowledge) like most of the Community members here and not an official spokesman from Athom.

If you have a problem With Athom, pls contact them directly: Support | Homey

The community is not about What you would like different.
We answer questions and try to help by giving constructive feedback.

Pls refrain from becoming personal

The current solution is probably enough for 99,5 % of the Homey users,
If you want it different it is probably days or weeks of work for developers to design, implement, test it to be fool-proof, for only a couple of users.
Let alone the extra work if “your” Backup solution is to complex for the intended audience (the other 99% of Homey Consumers) and gives more Support requests…

It is what it is, and you have to do it with what you get from Athom. That is What you have payed for.

If you don’t like it the way it is, wait until Athom listened to your suggestions for improvement, or Build something better yourself.

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It is clear that you have no idea what all is happening behind the scenes, on Homey, neither in the (back-up) cloud servers, or what all is needed to be able to add such a seemingly easy option.

I am a developer myself. Adding a button is easy: the code is already there. It creates a backup file and then sends it to Azure/AWS/whatever. Having a button that calls the same logic to create the backup file, but then simply download it instead of sending tit to servers is extremely trivial.

If you are a dev, you would know this is easy.

Those resources are paid for by the subscription model. It’s really not that difficult to understand.

Robert, stop making excuses. I know you’re a dev, you know this is trivial and costs close to nothing. These costs will pay for the hosting, the work for basic features running locally is exactly why I paid for the expensive Homey Pro, not the cheap one.

Athom decides, @robertklep just is a messenger (based on experience and knowledge) (…) Pls refrain from becoming personal

I know, but instead of simply providing information, Robert has been telling me over and over that, basically, I’m too dumb to understand, that what I want is pointless, and eventually he told me to “delete your account, and everyone will feel better.”. Have you spoken to Robert about not making this personal?

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Feel free to start working at Athom, they are still searching for new developers in their team, if you know all so well because you are a developer of a (probably) completely different product and are just assuming.


The answer is simple,
it isn’t there in the Mobile App nor in the WebUI, just for Backup/Recovery (from fe Flash failures or CM4 Upgrades) in the Devices overview (My devices | Homey)

The Answer Where to find “Local” Backup was already in Post #2

So I think you made a incorrect assumption about the provided “Local-Backup”,
What you want isn’t implemented.

A cloud backup will perhaps be a few dozen MB’s, which will cost cents (if not less) per month for storage.

Like I said before: you will be disappointed. Homey Pro is dependent on the Homey cloud. Not for storing data, but for things like authentication and discovery.

I never said you are dumb, and given that you have so many issues with how Homey is implemented, deleting your account and moving on will make everyone feel better: it will make you feel better because you won’t have issues with Homey anymore, and it will make the people here feel better because they don’t have to keep on discussing why things are working like they do or guess why Athom has decided to do certain things.


Maybe the commercial guys from Athom suggested too much promises. For example “no data in the cloud”, extend range by bridge in satellite mode, the last bridge you buy, just to name a few.
I just bought my Homey to see to what extend the promises are fulfilled. So I cannot be disappointed :innocent:.

The ability to take a backup by connecting Homey to a PC and pressing a bunch of buttons must be intended for the technicians at Homey’s workshop when they need to repair or troubleshoot. It’s certainly not a solution for taking regular backups. The conclusion must be that local backup does not exist. The development effort for a local backup function is surely manageable. It all boils down to whether Homey wants to implement it or not. The future will tell or maybe Homey can comment?

Please @robertklep this is an adequate question and is easily done in other devices, so please keep your statements with facts and with a good tone.

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The question has been answered already. If you’re not pleased with the answer, or want the facts for why it’s not possible, you need to talk to Athom about this instead of complaining about it on a community forum.

Yes I know, I was talking about this statement:

What’s wrong with it? Someone is accusing me of saying they are dumb, which I never did, and I explained why deleting their account would also be beneficial to them.

You just don’t buy a Homey to throw it away. That is a big disappointment. Although you are right, you are denying that feeling of disappointment. That is crude.

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OP didn’t express their disappointment, they started accusing Athom of deliberately implementing local backups in a user-unfriendly way so people would be forced to subscribe to cloud backups. Which I find crude.

If it’s such a big deal for someone that local backups work they way they work, they should take it up with Athom, or look for an alternative, instead of trying to engage community members that are trying to come up with reasons why Athom may not provide a “local cloud backup” or offering workarounds like jailbreaking your Homey so you can implement a local backup yourself (which, according to some, it very easy to do anyway).

And when some does not explicitly state he/she is disappointed, he /she is not disappointed?
This whole discussion of not being able to make a local copy of the configuration in a simple way, is just one big expression of disappointment.

When people started ranting about not being able to make “a frikking backup”, or things being bullshit, ridiculous or “a special kind of terrible”, they apparently moved on from being disappointed to just being angry, and my patience for those kinds of people is limited. If the local backup method makes someone that angry, I can only imagine how furious they will be when it turns out that there are plenty of other shortcomings with Homey…

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I kept away from this discussion because talking to Robert is extremely exhausting since he’s not arguing in good faith at all.

But when you’re twisting the truth I feel obligated to respond again

OP didn’t express their disappointment,(…)

I did. I might have used harsh words directed at Athom, a company that doesn’t have feelings and thus cannot be offended, but it is disappointment all the same.
Then you came in and became extremely rude to me personally. You clearly don’t see it that way, but that’s how it is: you have been nothing but rude to me.
Telling someone “you clearly do not understand anything about this” and “you should just ditch your homey and delete your account, then we will be happy” is rude, plain and simple.
I think you know this and are being very insincere by pretending you did nothing wrong.

So stop the gaslighting please. We can all see your extremely unhelpful behavior here. I wont waste time responding to you after this as long as you keep up this charade.

On topic: I know this is a community forum and I know Athom has a backlog and other features are more important than this one. I just hope that eventually they’ll implement a true local backup, not the inconvenient DFU method available now.


Your entire demeanour from the first answer to your question has been rude. Your comment about Athom wilfully implementing local backups this way so to force people to subscribing to the cloud backup system is based on nothing. You also don’t seem to know any of the history about how local backups came to be. You make it personal by accusing me of making up excuses when I try to explain why I think things work they way they work. You’re deliberately misquoting me. So who’s gaslighting here?

Hé Robert,

I really appreciate your knowledge. But sometimes you just state things as a fait accompli , as I am really interested in some more background and how things work. Of course, that takes more time to answer questions. But we will win some time having more mutual understanding and less discussion.

I’m happy to explain things (at least from how I see them, I’m not related to Athom in any way and I don’t have any insider knowledge) if people express a genuine interest. If they’re just here to vent, I’m not inclined to elaborate anything.

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