Where is the backup button

https://support.homey.app/hc/en-us/articles/360010668340 states:

Create a backup manually

A backup can be created manually by navigating to More (...)Backups in the Homey app.

I don’t see the backup button on my iPad. Is it only available on my Mac?

You need to subscribe first.

Login as owner of Homey,
Other managers urers or guest don’t see that.

I want a local backup.

Then you’re looking in the wrong place, local backups need to be made using the USB tool website:

There is only one account, so I am logged in as owner. Verified that under Fmily & Guests. Do you have a screen print with the local backup button.?


That local changes the question, but it does not exist…

After the subscription you can also Create a (cloud) backup manually and/or disable/enable the automatic cloud backups.

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