Backup and restore Homey Pro Backups (formerly Homey+)

As I understood a backup of my Homey system will be done everynight automatically and 7 backups will be saved. When I look at the backup page in the app, I can only see one backup, which is updated every day (the date is changed everyday).

Should it not show the 7 backups and isnt’t it possible to delete and manage and keep the backups as wanted?

And how do I do if I want to restore the backup, I don’t see any “restore” button?


Please do a little bit of research yourself first next time…



In the App you see only the state of the latest Backup. All others you can see (only see!) here:

Restoring a Homey you have to select which backup should be restored.

Thanks CyberSponk, that nice to see friendly answers… only Hannes85 thinks that I am asking for fun…

One more question. What do you mean by “Restoring a Homey you have to selsect witch backup should be restored.”? How do I select the backup I want to restore?

Asking for fun? I gave you the answers that you could find with a single query and asked you to do some finding out yourself next time… not sure how much more you’d want from me, maybe present it on a gold platter?

U could have read the link Hannes gave u. There is all the answers u need.


@Hannes has kindly answered your questions by giving some links ( 1 link is the same as CyberSponk’s link) and a kind request to do some research yourself next time, I agree with that, you always are allowed to ask questions, but it is not fair to let other people do the search that you can do easily yourself.
for “One more question.” you only had to read the link that Hannes already gave.


The restore process asks which backup to restore during the restore. The selection is only available when you have started the restore process.