Backup (& Restore) in Homey V2

I remember that Backup (& Restore) was a big discussion for Homey V1. After I’ve heard over and over again that this topic will get “fixed” in V2, I was very hopeful. I just can not find any way to back up all settings and data in the Homey V2. Did I missed something here?

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Then u did not miss (actually u did) anything but heard it wrong over and over again. Backup and restore will be done AFTER 2.0.

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Thanks for your feedback.

So the only possibility is to switch back to Homey V1 and use flow backup app for now?
In a few posts I recognized that backup will maybe implemented in V2.1. Is there any release plan / schedule available when will be released what?

Thanks for your assistance.

U missed a lot of things it seems! Have to answer that later and close this topic for now. Lots of topics about the backup story already.