HOMEY Pro apps Support? After pre order or after deliveryy?

Im interested in buying Homey. On the app Support page you can only see de support differents between the beta or Pro pack with the toggle switch. So there is no app support for the Homey Premium and 99 % is only supported by the pro version.

So i NEED to buy the €399 Pro version to connect my devices.

Do i need to wait till the delivery of my product to have that pro support option? Or does my profile change to Pro and can i start using my devices with the Homey bridge when i do my pre order?

Here is my list of smarthome applications i want to connect to Homey, But do I have to wait till next year to use it? Why can’t i use them without premium?? Or could i start using them with the beta bridge with an subscription plan?

Wallmounted tabled
Apple Ipad mini 6 or an android tablet for the dashboard.

Monitoring my energy consumption and solarpower
P1 monitor homewizard
6 energy monitor sockets lidl
2 Fibato wall plugs V2 Z-Wave with the color leds for connecting my washer and dryer.

Temperature controle, to cutt my gas burner:
2 switchsbots to toggle my laserkackels
Sonoff Ns panel display to act as the thermostat.

Light controle:
9 x GU10 bulbs Livarno Lidl
I want to make to 2 profiles, low energy tab and lux energie tab. So that only 1 bulb is active instead of 3 in my philips lampholders Now im fysiekly turning the bulbs out of the sockets to reserve energy.

I ask my question here because Homey has NO customer support! Weird for a Dutch company.
Kind regard Michael.

Yes, Pro support isn’t something that Athom can just turn on.

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And just to make sure you read it properly.

Homey Bridge is not the same device as the new Homey Pro (early 2023), and will never be, it can only extend the new Homey Pro as an “additional antenna” later on.
They are 2 completely separate devices.

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