Homey Bridge with Tuya?

Hi all,

Yesterday I received my homey bridge! To be honest it was not fully clear for me that there way a difference between apps that can be used. Now I do have a few Nedis smart plugs and when I look this up it seems that I can only use these with the Homey Pro (which is not available yet, right?). Is there a way I can still use these plugs with the homey bridge or should I buy new ones which are able to connect directly to the homey bridge?

Also one more question. I have bought a smart sensor from Lidl Home to try this out. It has been set up and it works, but it looks like it has a cool down time or something like that. Can anybody tell whether this is the case, how long this is and whether I can change this?

Thank you in advance!


Homey Bridge (/Cloud) only allows “official brand” apps, so app made by community members will not be available for it.

Very likely the case, a lot of motion sensors (I assume that’s what you have) have a “blind time”. If it’s this device, it doesn’t look like that time is configurable (I don’t know what blind time it has, but it’s usually 60 to 90 seconds).

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Thank you so much for the answer! We will be looking for some other plugs in that case! And it is indeed that device. Good to know that it has a cool down time!