Homey Bridge is a disseption

Hi, I have bought a Homey Bridge. I saw some amazing promation video’s. But Now I have one, the deception begings. I have a lot of Nedis SmartLife devices in my house. This is nog supported. After long searching I found a article where the say You must install TUYA Cloud App and it works Great. Second deception. I cant Install this app becaust it say’s it is not compatilble with my homey.
Than I thought ok last change. I buy some smart bulps b the Lidl.
Third deception. I can’t install the Lidle app because it is not compatible with my Homey.
Some quick conclusion.They make nice promotion Videos but when you buy this product (Homey Bridge. it is a big deception.
Any one a good Idea how to get this things working?

Allso the say you can buy a abonnement for 2,99 Euro a month and this I can not found where I can do this.
So please before you sell these productes like Homey Bridge make it working first!

Homey Premium

During the first part of the beta, all accounts are treated as if they were subscribed to Homey Premium.
Nearing the end of the beta, Homey Premium will become available for purchase. Please keep this into account

Ok, That is that clear. Thanks for your reaction.
But hope that there will allso be some replys why most Apps are not compatible. Then this is really useless for me.

As discussed in many topics here only selected apps are for the Homey and Bridge as they are for a different audience and the Pro is the full blown local running pay once with open platform for cli installation of apps and apps from community developers.

See the list in the link above or in this topic

Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)


This community exists of users, not Athom employees. So, we don’t sell Homey Bridge.
You’d better contact Athom directly.

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