Homey PRO and sattelite

Settings up a bridge in satellite Mode, will that work for Bluetooth?
Have a door lock that is far away from where I want to place the pro.

It was not explicitly mentioned for using the bridge as a satellite

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Hmm ok.
But the bridge itself supports bluetooth right?


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It won’t act as BLE hub in satellite mode

Ok then I now tnx

Athom said they are not planning it at the moment, but the more people complain the more likely it is to ever happen! so make a ticket regarding BLE satellite support :wink:

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but, complaining doesn’t work in my opinion. I think it works best for everyone to try to describe to Athom why Ble would be so awesome to also have available on the satellites :upside_down_face: :tada:

Name it what you want, I just want the damn function :wink: