The new Homey Pro — Ask Me Anything

Each satellit will be its own mesh systen as every satellite (and the pro) will be the a controller.
When adding the device you will decide on to which controller it shall connect.

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Times are tough. £400 is a lot - a premium for smart home hubs. Where do existing customers stand? Are our devices EoL? What’s the roadmap for them if not? Will there be any feature backporting? Have you considered a part exchange programme?

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This is not true. For Z-Wave and Zigbee, a Homey Bridge connected as Satellite will join Homey Pro’s Z-Wave / Zigbee network as powered router.


I read that it will be possible to choose if you want to connect to the satellite or the main homey. Is that correct? If so, does that mean that it will be possible to set devices to a fixed link to sattelites in contrary to having no say in this at the moment (as the mesh is automatically generated)?
What will be the max amount of direct (for the main homey and satellits) and total devices for zigbee and zwave?

Would be great if you had a choice in the way the bridge works as a satellite @Emile.
Either by joining Homey’s Zigbee/Z-Wave network as a powered router, or:
As a device that generates a new Zigbee/Z-Wave network connected to Homey by LAN.
So: like a Hue bridge is connected Homey.

That would be a great way to connect devices in a basement, garage, garden shed, etc to your Homey Pro 2023. And having all the advantages Homey has over a Hue bridge (or others) like maximum compatibility!


For 433 MHz & Infrared, you can choose per device whether to use Homey Pro or a Homey Bridge.

It’s a nice idea to create multiple Z-Wave & Zigbee networks to bridge long distances. Technically & UX-wise quite challenging, so no promises.


Can’t be worse than this:

Oh, it was for 433 and infra. Now I understand, thanks for enlightening me.
I need to listen better at next presentation. :slight_smile:

Hey Osirian, about the replacement for Soundboard to share files on the local network, here is my solution:

[APP][Pro] FTP Client - Apps - Homey Community Forum

I have created an FTP Client, which connects to the FTP Server from Micro Web Server App (local on Homey) and also with FTP’s on the LAN of Homey.
This works great, and i created the Ftp Client so you can easily edit the files on the Homey.
Also a flowcard to retrieve the Url and play it on or send it to devices like Sonos.

(A webservices is created to retrieve the file.)

It’s in testing now!

My questions for the AMA:

  1. How realistic is it that a migration option is available before Homey is released (Please, please, please work on a migration option. (Currently running an early 2016 homey with almost 100 devices…))
  2. Can I expect that with the new Homey pro the z-wave range is better than with an early Homey pro with the antenna mod?
  3. I currently need to add several delays when I switch of 30 lights and other devices in one flow. Can the new Homey pro do without those delays?
  4. I use the led ring on homey to indicate the power production (orange < 1000W and green >1000W) and consumption (red). Will a permanent (always on) color become a default option for the led ring? (considering apps cannot be used for this anymore, and it is not an existing screensaver)
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It depends on the quality of your Antenna mod, How much gain do you get in dB?

Guess that is already possible depending how (in)stable your usage or production is.
You could set a color for some time and change it at any time.

But I am also curious how the New LED ring implementation will differ from the current one.

Khmm, depends for what :wink:
To send - of course, but to receive… depends of protocol and also placements, but there is quite lot a “broadcast-like” protocols - and that means, in the “Homey pair” there must be also a duplicate detection - but hope, You already know that (the talk about Z-devices, which ones isn’t so easy).

But, i still hope :wink: Because, for me the real 8-pair wire seems more stable, than a air with possibility multiple others on same frequency.

Hey, not sure how you turn lights/devices on and off, but if you do it per type or per zone, then use the Device Capabilities app: it was specificly developed with its original flowcards for this purpose: turn on a lott of devices without having to put delays between them.
It will switch all devices (any capabiliy, not just OnOff) after each other, way, way, way faster then can be done with buildin functions or flowcard.

How will the matter integration be - will it be fully supported and expose all homey devices to other matter controllers? or will it just be a matter controller to allow other matter bridges in that direction?

Q: Will there be a way to select before inclusion whether a Z-Wave device should be included secure (S0 / S2 Unauthenticated / S2 Authenticated ) or unsecure, as is the case with a Fibaro Home Center, for example?

I assume it depends on the firmware and not on the hardware, but it would be awesome if this would be considered in the firmware.


This isn’t correct. ZWave app like Fibaro works locally, you will neither find it in Cloud or LAN but in ZWave.
So there needs to be a clear indication on the app which works LOCALLY / Cloud.
Smartthings provides this indicator.



Does the new Home Pro (early 2023) support Z-wave at 868 MHz? I have this Z-wave thermostat: Heatit Z-TRM3 White - Heatit
that I would like to control with the new Home Pro (early 2023), is it possible?

Answered Here: Home Pro (Early 2023) - Z-wave - 868 MHz - #4 by Dijker

Will it be possible to give Homey a fixed pi-address?