Homey Pro 2023: two wifi devices online?

When I scan my wifi network devices, I see two devices related to my Homey Pro: (1) ‘homey-645cd…’ connected via 5 GHz band and (2) ‘Athom B.V.’ connected via 2,4 GHz band. I’m pretty sure that my Homey Pro does all its network activities via device ‘homey-645cd…’, so does anybody know what this Athom B.V. device is about? Also strange: both are connected to the same Deco device at 1m distance, but the 2,4GHz one has aweaker signal strength than the 5GHz one.

In general, don’t put wifi clients too close to AP’s

Only when you have Homey ethernet connected, the wifi stays connected, but isn’t actively used.
But this doesn’t seem to be the case here.

Scanning your network with f.e. the Android Fing app, reveals more info most probably, about the ‘Athom BV’ device.

Indeed my Homey is not ethernet connected: it connects (very well :slight_smile: via Wifi. Fing recognizes the 5Gz device ‘homey-645cd…’ but names the other one ‘Generic’ (not recognized). It’s my Deco network management tool that recognizes it as ‘Homey B.V.’. It doesn’t really bother me, but I’m intrigued: (1) is this my Homey Pro connecting - also - via the 2GHz band (both IP and MAC addresses are different) and (2) why it the 2GHz signal strenght worse than the 5GHz… If anything I would expect the opposite.

Yeah it’s odd, I did not read anything about your observations yet.

I may assume the Wifi connects with just one MAC to your network…
(Yes I know, never assume :grin: )

Turn Homey off to see if the Athom BV connection gets inactive or not?

Or filter out the MAC address of the Athom BV device to see what stops working?


Maybe there’s other 2.4GHz wifi signals using the same channel
Android Wifi Analyser is a nice tool to visualize the wifi signals in your home.

Or the Athom BV device is not your Homey :sweat_smile:

You don’t have a Homey Bridge as well?