Does Homey support LoRaWAN, US (923.3 MHz) directly

Hello, Any ideas how to use Homey Pro to work with 923.3 MHz devices? Trying to not another hub. Thank you

Not. What is it called?

I never heard of generic RF 923.3 MHz devices, so if you ask for the RF Radio: NO.

But if you are looking for Z-wave to use in selected regions you maybe mistyped your local frequency?

There is only 1 model Homey Pro and is automatically selects the correct Z-Wave Frequency.

In Europe we have 868Mhz-870Mhz as a “free to use” band, in the US there’s 902Mhz-928Mhz.

I think 923.3Mhz is used by LoRaWAN in the US.

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Hello, Yes, I’m asking about LoRaWAN, US. Seems to be high potential high impact IoT market, devices can run without wi-fi. I am currently using a few YoLink devices. They carry residential and industrial solutions. I have had zero problems and their long distance capability has provided solutions around my house.
Link below:
Explore Home Page – YoLink (

Homey lacks the hardware to be able to support LoRaWAN.

Thank you. I did realize that but wondering if anyone had a suggestion on how to achieve or maybe a future Homey iteration could include the capability.

Guess at the moment only LoRaWAN is connecting thru The Things Network

But to be clear, If I read it right your question is not if Homey support’s a Frequency, but if it support’s LoRaWAN, US directly.

Therefore Renamed:
Does Homey support LoRaWAN, US (923.3 MHz) directly

Yes, that would be a better way of phrasing my question. Thank you.