Routeur Wifi

I need to know what is the actual best wifi routeur to associate to Homey Pro?

Just make sure it supports 2.4 GHz (homey pro does not support 5GHz).
And name the 2.4 and 5Ghz network (SSID) different. (Some users reported issues when the SSIDs are the same)

If you want to connect your router to homey too, check out the homey app store to see witch are supported (Unifi I know)

What exacly would you like to use the router for?
If you want to use it for presence for example, you should just get a router with which you are able to make a device it’s IP static. Then you can just use the Smart Presence app like below:

Or what other automations do you have in mind? :smiley:

i have an Arris TG2492LG 85 router provided by Ziggo.
Ziggo also provided me with a TP-link DECO SET of 3 Wifi extenders.
they advised to turn off the Arris WiFi when using the extenders.
Homey pro however doesn’t see the SSID broadcasted by the DECO set (which supports the 2.4 GHz band).
i had to switch on the Arris WiFi with a new SSID to enable connectivity of my Homey pro to my home network ….
any idea why the TP-link DECO cannot be used with Homey pro ?