Device, which network type

How can I determine which network type (Z-wave, Zigbee, WiFi or what ever network) a specific device is using? I cannot find it in the device “properties”.

  • Kurt

You can’t because Homey itself doesn’t know this (only the app does).

It can be found here for Ble, zigbee and zwave (as in, overview of devices for each protocol):

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Thanx for answering.
I thought that I saw it somewhere in the device settings, but apparently not.
It would be nice info though, for a memory that is slowing down.

Thanx again.

  • Kurt

Hi again.
I have to open my eyes.
I don’t know if that info is consistent, I only looked at Z-wave and Zigbee parents, which carry this info, not the children. Eg. Greenwave power plug with 6 sockets only has this info on the “main” device, not the individual sockets.