Zigbee/Zwave devices without apps?

I’m interested in a Homey Pro, but haven’t been able to find a clear list of what devices will and won’t work. I built out my smart home in 2015, with a mix of devices to use with Wink. They’re primarily zigbee, z-wave, and Lutron devices, mostly GoControl for window/PIR/garage opener, Quirky Trippers for doors, and Lutron light dimmers & remotes. There are also a variety of zigbee bulbs, several brands of z-wave lamp plug-in modules, and Schlage z-wave deadbolts.

Does anyone have experience with how many of these will work with Homey Pro, since they generally don’t have apps.

Thanks in advance!

The app store: use the search function for brand / model. When a brand is present, it doesn’t mean any device is supported, so check for your device closely

Generic zigbee and zwave drivers are pretty basic, and they support only devices like lights, plugs and switches. So, sensors and stuff always need a matching app;
zwave: OnOff, maybe Dim (can anyone confirm?)
zigbee: OnOff, Dim and (some) Color settings

Ok, thanks for the reply. Sounds like not good news for me though, since there don’t seem to be apps for any of my zigbee/zwave devices.

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Today I have installed a zigbee smart plug device without an app. It works on/off. If one tries to find that device to use in a flow, then you cannot find it because the app is missing. But if you look in the area where you have placed the device than the device pops up. To find these possibilities are part of fun, they have learned me, part of the discovery voyage in the homey environment. It is a plug with metering, I still have to find out if that part is working.