Zigbee lamps that are NOT a router

I have an Innr Zigbee lamp that I control via Homey Pro, but that is still connected to a wall switch. The intention is to NOT use the wall switch, but when somebody does by accident, other Zigbee end-devices (like sensors) that thought it was a good idea to route via the lamp don’'t work anymore. I don’t want to remove the wall switch, so I’m looking for a Zigbee lamp that behaves like an end-device (and not as a zigbee router). Does that exist, or should I try to find lamps with other protocols like Wifi (which forces me to use slow cloud-cloud connections if I want to control via Homey Pro) I’ve never seen lamps controlled via Z-Wave or 433Hz…

Why not disable the switch by connecting the wires behind the switch?

I know, I can even replace the tumbler by a flat surface. The point is that I do sometimes want to overrule the automatic steering by Homey Pro and prevent the lamp from shining, so I want to keep that option.

Low tech, but effective. Slot allows the switch to be operated by a card, or similar…


That is something you can arrange in your flows.

Create a virtual device switch and add that to the AND of your flow.
Now you can overrule by using the virtual device switch (and even manage that it will never turn off)

Switching off smart devices is always a bad idea (what will be the status when you switchit on again…, etc)

This is why I am using smart wall switches instead of smart lights. In a few cases i even have a smart switch controlling a smart light (for dimming). I decided to go that route after running into the same issue as you have now. When we are out and away, all the lights are off and that would cause a lot of sensors to just disconnect. Using smart wall switches solves a lot of issues, mainly the one where people get annoyed because they can’t use the switch :laughing:

I ended up buying a new Innr lamp: it was failing more and more, and the new works like a charm. I read on the Internet that these lamps do sometings start to fail… It was not related to being switched off occasionally. I’m currently investigating if I can find smart lamps based on Wifi via Matter, which whould not influence the Zigbee network when occasionally switched off, and would - I hope - be accessible via my Homey Pro?