Hard to select device model when adding devices

I’m a new Homey Pro user. I’m experimenting and planning a move from Telldus to Homey.

I’m strating off trying to add my 400 (edit 433) MHz devices (mostly battery powered remotes and in wall switches/dimmers and power plug switches/dimmers). Later I will add temp sensors, thermostats and various other stuff.

When using Telldus, there is a list of supported device types from all major brands. For example under Nexa, you find:

  • Self learning on/off wallplug
  • Self learning dimmer wallplug
  • Self learning on/off in wall
  • Coded doorbell
  • Selflearning doorbell
  • Remote
  • Door/window sensor
  • Day/night sensor
  • IR-detector
  • Other coded units

That works well, as the user knows what type of unit is beeing added.

When adding units in Homey there are model numbers listed. Approximately the same numer of models as there are types in Telldus. When selecting a model of the the correct type but other model number than in reality it seems to work well. However, the user must know exactly what type of unit the listed models in the app are.

What is the reason behond this? It means the user most likely needs to either do trial and error or google model numbers to find a similar model for the device type desired. This does not make sense. Why not list device types instead?

As I don’t have any Nexa devices I can’t replicate this. The Homey Web App has a new feature where it does seem to show devices in a list showing type, however I’m not sure whether you can add devices here

That is the trick, Homey will check what device is added (a device type number is checked), and if you had chosen the wrong type, Homey will still add the right type. You also can go to the device “homey” and there chose “'Zigbee” or “z-wave”, and Homey will find the right type for you, as long as there is an App for it, otherwise the device will be added as a general device (with very limited function)

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Thanks for replying.

Followup question: How can Homey check what device is added using 400 MHz units? For example when adding a wall plug. That is one way communication… Homey sends a unique key to the plug when it is in lerning mode. The plug does not send anything back… Did you or I misunderstand?

It is a completely different thing using Z-wave and/or Zigbee for example. Then there is a “interview” giong on to query what is beeing added.

Sorry, I don’t know 400MHz devices, don’t think they are alowed in Holland.

“433Mhz devices”

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It it not 400, NEXA is like KAKU and others 433,92 MHz (approximately)
Homey can’t check if it is one way, what you describe applies only to z-wave and Zigbee devices. Although not all devices always interview correct and when stated pairing using the correct device are added with the correct driver.

For most of both brands RF devices you can most use any switch for any device you like ON is ON and OFF is OFF . You can often even Pair as the other brand althoug there are some slight frequency and or timing differences. Mostly between different generations. Just the icons wil be incorrect. There might de some exceptions, so for consitency across all device pairing and the best signal timing Athom has implemented it this way.

I meant 433 MHz, sorry.

Thanks for replying. The problem is mostly a usability issue. The user must know what model is a dimmer, and what model is on/on device when looking at the list in the Homey app. That is not practical, but you will of cause have a 50% possibility to get it right :slight_smile: