Homey pro 2023 RED Breath

Hi All,

After upgrading to v 10.1.4 firmware my homey is dead :frowning: resulting in a breathing red ring. Already tried factory def. with usb tool unfortunately with same result. Of course already submitted a athom ticket but they give a 3 week backlog… anyone with an idea how to get my homey back to live?


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Assuming you also tried the obvious (different power supply, different USB-C cable), you need to wait for Athom to get back to you. Nothing much the community can do if even a factory reset doesn’t work.

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same here - support ticket created - no answer received yet :frowning:

Did you upgrade by USB tool or Mobile app?
I had red ring after a previuos USB upgrade which I had to restore a local backup(incl. downgrade).

App upgrade worked fine though.

I updated via mobile app first - hp23 rebooted and a red breathing led ring was shown - since this point the hp is offline…

I tried several reboots - everytime this ended up in a breating red led ring

I tried a factory reset via usb dfu mode than - the tool said “successful” but after powering the hp23 up a red breating led ring showed again…

For me it looks like the new stable release firmware 10.1.4. can bring the hp23 into a “bricked status”

It may be the new wifi driver in latest firmware. Its sensitive for certain channels it seems.

Could you please disable “auto-channel” for the 5 GHz network and select channel 36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157, 161 or 165.

Try reset the Wifi network by recovery mode:

I do not use the wifi mode and the device does not show the blue ring for setup the device after a factory reset

so the device does not go into the setup mode so no chance for me to fix the issue

@Emile After some more testing it indeed looks like its bricked during firmware upgrade v10.1.4. Maybe needs some investigation before other users start experiencing this as well…

Athom acknowledges that there’s a problem, they don’t know yet what’s causing it though:

(slack thread)


Thanks for letting me know!

Athom support replaced mine, great service and problem solved :wink:

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