Homey Presence is very spotty

My Homey Presence is very spotty since a couple of weeks. I have several flows that trigger when “The last person leaves” and since I’m living alone, the presence of my phone is the one thing that let’s Homey know that I’m home.

It worked pretty well (as long as I opened the Homey app every 2 days or so, otherwise presence would just stop working). Since a couple of weeks I’ve noticed that my lights can suddenly turn off when I’m home. It turns out that the presence detection is very spotty. See this screenshot:

This particular evening I came home at 17:53 and I haven’t left that evening, but the presence detection is off the charts here, where several flows would trigger because I ‘left’.

Has anyone experienced similar issues in the last couple of weeks?

Yes, i did too.
That is why i don’t use it anymore.

Do you use any alternative solution now?

Yes, i’m using live 360 and variables.

Homey Presence is more than spotty unfortunately. It kinda works for the person who has overfall control but not for guests, and in my experience it doesn’t matter whether they are android or iOS. I use Macrodroid and webhooks. Has worked very reliably for years now

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Thank you for that idea! I already have Macrodroid Pro, so I’ll whip up an automation to make this more reliable. Thanks!

Trigger being SSID in range for arriving home and SSID out of range when leaving. If you need help with the webhook just say so

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Just tested this out. Works like a flippin’ charm. Thanks mate!

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I have macrodroid setup on my phone, my wife and two children’s. It has worked very well

Homey presence has never worked for me. It’s weird they offer this while it’s not working.
Locative ftw

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I certainly don’t rely upon it

Another way might be to combine it with Smart presence app - [APP][PRO] Smart Presence - not saying it because I’m doing some maintenance on it but because I use it daily IN combination to Homey Presence detection.

I’m new to homey, but in my way of thinking this should just work. I find the built in homey pro presence works better than any other options I’ve tried, and I’ve tied a few. Smart presence, beacons, and I find them to have there own issues. The only thing I’d like to be able to do is adjust the radius in homey pro presence. I have an issue where if I leave to go shopping for example, homey will mark me as away, but because of where the shop is , kind of behind my house it can mark me as back home. But so far that’s about the only real issue I have with it.