Homey Mobile App (v7.0.0.x) - (P)Review Alpha Testing

I had to open this AppStore link, that included with email, with my phone, then access is granted.

Does an involved developer read this thread? Or where to report?

A bug: iOS and Favorite flows widget does not show any flows.
Previous, stable app was working fine.

So, you must have opened the app…
And then you must have seen the big dark banner on top… :wink:


Thank you. Reported.

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I got the timed out message sometimes but not constantly (Homey pro 23)

Is this related on the app , server at homey or anything else on my side ?

I’m getting this on HP2019 - I guess this is your case as well ? Or HP2023 ?
I asked Athom in Bug report to increase this period but obviously this app is still so slow compared to the old one…

On HP23

I had enormous problems with timeouts on my HP23 in the beginning. I checked the WLAN router and it showed a bad connection to the HP23. I then fixed the HP23 to a nearby WLAN repeater. Since then I have not had a timeout.

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When I look into my Amplifi HD router it’s okay I think

I think it’s ok.
Is the HP23 right next to another electrical device (the other Homey, WLAN router, etc.)?
If so, I would recommend placing the devices further apart.

It’s near an Alexa display and NVR