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Homey location not working after update iPhone tot iOS 15

With Core Location in iOS it shouldn’t be required to have the app running in the background. When iOS detects that you are at a certain location then it opens the app automatically in the background and pushes that location to the app. At least that’s how it should be :slight_smile:

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How do you do that. I Also use homekit.

Have you created a automation or a shortcut?

Hi Andreas,

Yes that is correct. I made 2 Automations in Homekit. One for someone is coming home and someone who is leaving.

But before creating the 2 automations you have to add two virtual buttons in Homey.
Also one for home and one. for away. With these buttons you can trigger Home and Away in Homey.

Make sure that you have the app HomeyKit installed on Homey and that the 2 virtual buttons are visible in HomeKit on your iPhone.
When this is done, the only thing you have to do is creating the 2 automations in HomeKit. Select as accessoire the virtual button.

I hope this is clear for you to make it. If not, please let me know.

Ah Alright. Ive tried to make an automation and that way start a flow but that does not work beacuse i have to run the automation manually. Thanks for your tip

I think that will indeed not work. There is no need to start a flow, just trigger the virtual button in Homekit with this automation.
I hope it will work for you.

Do i Need homeykit? I have connected homey to homekit via experiment? Is there any difference?

You have more options and it will work better to use HomeyKit iso Homekit via experiment.
In HomeyKit you are able to select the devices you want to be visible in HomeKit.

So first deselect Experiments in Homey and make sure all the devices are gone in HomeKit added by Homey.
Then install HomeyKit.

Does homeykit update homekit if i add More units?

Yes it does and you are able to select or deselect devices in HomeyKit to make them visible in HomeKit.

Thanks for your tips and fast reply. This make my presenceissue go away.

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Just as additional info, but only in German language:

Im from Sweden so i have to Ask Google translate for help

after testing locative extensively, I noticed that if the app is closed in the background, then it stops working…

I will try the presence via homekit…

Did u check the correct settings in ur phone?

Yes. it is the right settings… Locative did not update my location on four consecutive occurrences… I will test it more but I will test as well HomeyKit.

I said before that locative works like a charm. I’ll take my words back.

Now I am using homekit (Woning) for geofencing for a couple of days. So far, everything works just fine without any problems.

I ended up using Homekit and Homeykit and it is working well for me. It has been stable for the past 7 days. NO flaws.

I have an Android phone And built in presence was working 9 out of 10 Times before 7.2.0. so I dont think it’s entirely related to iOS

This topic “Homey location not working after update iPhone tot iOS 15” is started around 23 september 2021 so far before 7.2.0.
I think it was ~7.1.3.
maybe you have another issue?

I did a search on presence and this was the most recent thread about it, so Maybe you are right. I Will start another topic