Homey don't find zigbee units after last updated to version 10.0.6(09.02.2024)

I have just received confirmation from the supplier, ProShop in Denmark, that my purchase will be credited.

Although it’s a complicated situation, after getting out of the standard support process, they acknowledged that Athom’s (in)actions have led to non-conformity.

I sincerely hope they in turn hold Athom to account. Because over 2 months of a product not working and not even a public acknowledgement or outlook for a fix, IS NOT NORMAL.

Again, kudos to ProShop for this. I hope everyone else here gets a solution to their satisfaction as well. Be well.


Hi Ole_Hermansen,

I’m the Dev of the Nous App.

I can surely confirm that the problem is not an App issue, whatever App is used.
Not everyone is impacted with this Zigbee problem (I’ve got about 30 Zigbee devices on HP2023 and I’m not) but I could get logs of Homey users and I can surely affim we’re facing a Homey Zigbee driver problem ending with a continuous “Error: Timeout: Expected Response”.


Hi SoPhos

I have come to the same conclusion, and I have bought a new HP 2023. Maybe not my smartest move, but now every thing works, and I see no memory leak.
And I am using the correctcapp for my Nous plugs. I reallly like them. :+1:

Best regards Ole

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