Homey don't find zigbee units after last updated to version 10.0.6(09.02.2024)

The situation is absolutely fantastic!

Yes, some things require careful reading instructions and checking some stuff. But anyone who already did a cloud integration with API keys and such for Homey (anything beyond the very basic) will easily get things set up quickly.

The Home Assistant box from above came completely preconfigured with essential tools and zigbee dongle installed. It took me one day in between work to set up the devices, today to customize dashboards.

Standard dashboards are already great.

But just putting a map of your house and overlaying devices onto a dashboard, I could manage with some basic example Python code without prior experience.

Lights with sensors don’t need anything complicated. Out of the box it understands an area should be quiet for x time in order to turn off lights again.

Many devices autodetected on the network. All devices are SOOOO much more responsive. All zigbee super stable, with more end devices.

Cameras, Presence and security automation took less than an hour.

The only challenge has been kaku/coco - there are ways for which I got some 3nd hand hardware for 433Mhz. But after seeing how easy all this goes without that tech, I already ordered Zigbee shutter controllers to replace the Kaku ASUN650s for under 30 euro.

Yeah, I know you didn’t ask about my situation :wink:
But honestly, Athom had a nice idea with their kickstarter, we all supported it by buying and providing feedback, but they did not manage to pull it out of the hobby project level. So much so that open source has completely overtaken whatever they are doing and now finally the status being that they tell us Zigbee is broken, don’t tell us the situation, don’t communicate publicly, don’t give an outlook or timeline - sadly.

I received my RMA form and instructions from my shop, will explain it’s basically broken without outlook for a solution and support no longer responding to me and expect a full refund as they indicated is likely if the situation can be supported with evidence.