Homey-controlled tv remote volume changes in big increments


I have a Samsung tv which is connected to my homey (bridge), and ive “IR learned” it so i can control the tv via the app/dashboard etc.

now the problem: the volume control through the app only jumps in BIG increments. regardless if i quick press or hold the button, it jumps about 20-25% up or down, which is obviously WAY too much, especially for a single press. Does anyone have any clue how you can change the sensitivity of the button? ive went through all the settings i can think of and searched around without finding anything useful.


Try if you can see the IR signals that the Bridge sends with the camera on your mobile phone, and what happens if you send the volume command. My guess is that Homey will send the IR command repeatedly (because historically, IR transmission range has been pretty bad) which your TV will interpret as multiple volume-up/down actions.

tried a couple of times but couldn’t see anything - tried blocking the path a bit aswell just for the fun of it, but no real change. thanks for the reply though.

You are using an iPhone I presume. That won’t work; the iPhone has an infrared filter on its camera.

Samsung unfortunately does not use a flip-bit to block multiple readings for a single keystroke. If you press the remote key for a prolongued time when homey is learning the IR code, chances are it will register multiple IR sequences as one. So, try short bursts when homey is learning and make sure it can’t see any reflections (shield the signal path!).

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