Samsung TV doesn't response correctly

Hi all,

Hoping you can maybe help me with my issue.
I am a newbie in to this as a just bought my Homey Pro.

I have a Samsung TV UE46D7000 from 2011 that I would love just simple to turn on/off using Homey.
We watch the TV programming on a separate signal decoder so no need to change channels or control the volume.

So first i installed the Samsung IR app but unfortunately this won’t react at all. Then I checked within the IR function of Homey itself an there I had the option to install IR functionality for most of the Samsung TV’s. Once installed I got the test overview showing what you can control and test it by pushing the test button. Once you press the POWER_TOGGLE test button it works perfectly. So problem solved you think… Not likely, once installed and I put it in a flow TV won’t react :rage: I changed the Homey into a lot of different positions, reinstalled the app, even reinstalled Homey but no success. I know that one of the solution would be to buy a Logitech Harmony Hub but as you can imagine don’t wanna spend more money for something that Homey could do right?

So what am I doing wrong ? Or can maybe somebody suggest me any idea to solve this ?

Hoping you can help me

Greetz Xavi

Not sure if you have any luck yet. I recently did this. I have an old Samsung UA60EH. I had no luck with the generic IR capability of Homey, but got it working using the Samsung App.
I have Homey about 2 metres from the TV. Am about to start testing where I can put it in the room and see what impact that has on its operation.

Hi Peter,

Unfortunally Homey it self couldn’t provide me a good solution. The IR within the Homey isn’t strong enough to turn on my TV and I didn’t want to depend by placing it within a radius to get it working. The app using lan did work partially as it could turn it off but due to my TV doesn’t support WOL I couldn’t turn it on.

I did got a workaround that provided me a solution it wasn’t perfect but it worked. By casting a image from the Homey to my Chromecast the TV would turn in by reacting on the CeC of the TV. And using the LAN app of Samsung I could turn it off. However again for me not the solution that I wanted.

So I found another workaround I fortunately found a 2th hand Logitech Harmony Hub that I could buy for a really nice price and all my problems been solved.

It reacts perfectly and I can combine more media equipment along with my TV.