Samsung TV ir

Hi there,
Trying to install te Samsung IR app. But upon installation it crashes info a red screen with a lot of Json code…


If you install the beta version it will probably install and work fine.

Thx, @Louis where do i find it? When i Searcy for Samsung i only find one app… (the one that doesn’t work)

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I feel newbie (which I am) so thx so much

That’s what this community is all about. Credits go to @Louis ofc for pointing to the beta version :wink:

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For me this app runs fine!.
It was the acceptance app for Homey to my wife.
I programmed Homey to start news at 8 o’clock and this app switching tv on at channel 1.
After that se is happy about Homey :rofl::joy::rofl::sunglasses:


so in order to convince my spouse…
would u care to share your flow? I’m newbie and learning faster by copying others… (leren is afkijken)

  1. i cant get this app or device to do anything else ten Volume up/down channel up/down and on/off… thats it…

sharing your flow would speed up my inroductory learning Curve… :wink:

I am also looked into that. I want to turn on my tv for the News and on the right chanel.
Would be great if that is possible.

Very simpel:
IF time is 19:58 AND somebody home THEN

It is important to have Homey close to the tv because of the infrared beam


I have a similar setup (without the speech part though) with IR commands and Homey at about 4 meter from the tv…

I did speech because sometimes we are at the other part of the room and we know tv is switched on .
Or do warn the boys the tv will switch to an other channel from where they looking at :sunglasses: :joy:

Very easy indeed.
I don’t use LiveTV anymore, got appleTV and NPO-app… it’s bit more complicated but must be do-able…

thx for sharing