Samsung TV remote control

Who can give me an advise; I have a Homey and want to use the Samsung TV control Infrared, but it don’t work. I have install the app in a correct way, and test successfully the remote control.This test work correctly, but the tv don’t activate. Who has experience with installing? I even try the support desk but they cannot help , I think they have no experience for installing a Samsung. Stats are that the homey is 3 mtr from the samsung, the samsung is in a directly ‘seeing’ the tv and I know for sure that I installed the app in a correct way.

My question, is there some body who has experience??

I use the app every day by switching on the tv at 20:00 hr (news), when somebody at home.
It is importent to have homey close to the tv so the infrared beam is in sight of the tv and working.
My homey is only 20cm from the tv

Hi Canedje,

Thanks for reply. Can you give me more detail info. Can you send a screen print from the app where you switch on your TV. Is this the only infrared equipment that you use, or do you als switch on your Ziggo, or KPN receiver?

Please let me know


I do have my Ziggo receiver in the tv itself, so I only use the samsung remote control.
I do use this app:

Thanks for the info, I use the same driver. Maybe the hardware is defective, what do you think?

Did you try Homey just in front of your tv?
and turned Homey around to be sure the IR is pointing to the tv?
Did you try an other IR usage then Samsung remote?

If that all not working it can be a hardware problem.

Yes I try the homey in front of the tv, 2 metres. I have only one other ir device and that is the kpn, but the topbox is not supported.

I make an appountment with home to send back the home for check up the hardware.

Regards peter