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Homey Bridge to turn off lights X minutes after the sun came up

I am currently using Olisto to turn off my lights 60 or 90 minutes after the sun came up. I would like to migrate all of my flows to Homey. However, I seem to only be able to use X minutes before the sun comes up. Any clue how I can reach my goal?

Use a delay

Great idea, thanks!

I am also trying to turn on lights 90 minutes before the sun goes down. The current tiles only allow to set up to 60 minutes before. Any way I can make this 90?

To be honest, I am a bit disappointed in how cumbersome the setup is in Homey. I have to make a tile for every light separately, with the 3600 seconds delay in it. I can’t just make one Hue tile with multiple Hue lights at once it seems.

For Homey Pro there’s an app called <group> that would allow you to create groups of devices, but that’s not available (and probably never will be) for Homey Cloud/Bridge.

For on/off you can put them in a zone and switch all lights at once. Other grouping is not available afaik.
Dont know if you can use the scene from a Hue bridge if you are using that but seeing the cards in the app store that also looks pretty limited.