Homey Bridge HTTP/ MQTT/ Webhook

Hi all,

I want to make a simple solution for triggering my synology IP cam to record. The only thing I need Homey Bridge to do is to send this URL:"Incoming"&version=1&token=YCeHadfeAJYSRfrqNZ3svgmfIAdafmsPCAaYjRTMENadfjt3fxEGDIB6wBvvUPGs7A (Example)

I can’t use any the apps because they are not availeble for the Homey Bridge. So I figured out I use a flow with “Than” → “Logic”–> “Make a METHODE request to URL with HEADERS and BODY”.
I did try GET and paste the complete URL into the URL but the test failed. When I paste the URL in chrome and hit enter the synology starts doing its thing like it should be.
How can I solve this with Homey Bridge?

The Bridge has no support for local network access, so the only way to get this working is to expose your NAS to the internet by adding a port forward in your home router and using some sort of dynamic DNS service (Synology provides such a service) so your home network gets assigned a hostname that you need to use in the URL to retrieve.

However, only do this if you have actual knowledge about what it means to allow your Synology to be exposed to the entire internet, otherwise you can run into a world of hurt because of the security issues that this brings along with it.

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Fortunalety I had already an outgoing port and yes that worked!