Triggers homey pro en homey

Hi i need some help,

I am placing a homey bridge at my parents house and a fibaro button.

When my mom needs help i want the bridge to send a signal to my homey pro when pressing the button.

I guess something with triggers over http. Can you help me?

Maybe you can add you’re phone to the Homey Bridge.
Add a user under settings, Family and guests.
I don’t have a bridge myself.
IF button is pressed
THEN Send a notification.

You can use a webhook

  1. @ Homey bridge
    -button is pressed
    -logics card: make a http request (type = GET) to

( Here you’ll find the MyAthomCloudID of your Pro at ‘cloudID’. )

In flow view:

2. @ Homey Pro
-logics card: a webhook was received with event My_Event
-logics card: tag [tag] contains MyTag
-do something

The “And” part is optional

In flow view:

I had the same use case and decided to install on her Pro a PushSafer App to also bypass a Silent mode on my Phone.

But that would not work from a Bridge, maybe you should indeed use a WebHook between her Homey (cloud / bridge) and your Pro.