Send a HTTP from HC3 to Homey Pro

I have several Matrix Logic Group devices and they do not work 100% in Homey. That’s why I bought an HC3, where they are added.
How do I send a http from my HC3 to my Homey using http GET?
I can send an http from my Homey to the HC3, but not the other way around.
I want to use it to turn on a virtual button on my Homey Pro, when I press a button on the Matrix (that is added on the HC3). In that way I can use the Matrix buttons from the HC3, to control a flow on my Homey Pro.
In principle, HC3 must send this command to the Homey Pro, when the button is pressed : when a button/switch is pressed.
Please help :slight_smile:

Maybe there are a few users here in the Homey forum who can answer the question, but actually this is a question for the Fibaro forum. Have you already tried there?

Hi Fantross,
I have tried in a fibaro forum, but no answer at all. It’s probably because I’m a Homey user, who only bought an HC3 to make my Logic Group Matrix devices work, in my Homey setup :slight_smile:

From anything in your local network you can send a webhook to Homey:

The ‘tag’ part is optional.

Homey responds to the example by using this Logic trigger card

like this:

Thanks Peter, that works :slight_smile: But how do I send that (http://homey.ip.address/api/manager/logic/webhook/YourEventName?tag=YourTag) from HC3 to my Homey Pro?

I don’t have any knowledge of HC3.
Is this useful?

Thanks Peter :smiley:
I looks 100% right :+1:
BUT I can´t program that, this is the reason why I use the Homey and NOT the HC3 as my main smart home device. I don´t know how to program the visuel button :disappointed_relieved: in HC3…

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Try with a new account, and keep the above info a secret :crazy_face: