Homey controling Fibaro HC3

Hi there.
I have a Homey Pro and a Fibaro HC3.
Does any of you know, if it is possible, for Homey to send a “command” to control a scene in HC3?
In my Homey I have some door sensors which I would like to control a Climate Schedule or scene in HC3.
The other way could also be interesting - HC3 sending a “trikker” to Homey.


  • Kurt

MQTT could be a solution.
Does HC3 work with MQTT?

HC3 works really well with MQTT although you have to code the required functionality in a QuickApp (example code in documentation)

Thank you for taking time to answer my question.
I don’t know anything about MQTT or QuickApp, but I will look into it.
Thanx alot.

  • Kurt

Api HC3

Here it is (HTTPS or HTTP)
Using http request in Homey

Using http request in Homey

Fibaro Powerplug aansturing vanuit Homey (GET)

QD button aansturing vanuit Homey (GET query)

Aansturing Homey vanuit Fibaro HC3
fibaro.call(225, “getHttp”, “http://IPHomey/api/app/com.internet/naam”)

225 = QD gethttp

Thanx a lot Borkeons.
I will try to translate the links to my network.
But, I’m a total novice - I don’t know where to type the links, in a browser, MQTT-server/client or somewhere in Homey/HC3?

Hello Borkeons,
How do I use the HC3 to send http to the Homey Pro? Where can I put in this command you wrote:

fibaro.call(225, “getHttp”, “http://IPHomey/api/app/com.internet/naam”)

225 = QD gethttp

Do I need the Fibaro HTTP Exporter from the Marketplace?

I can already send a http from my Homey Pro to HC3, but I can´t figure out to send from HC3 to Homey Pro? Can you please help :-)))