Webhook via local network

I have a Foscam camera with movement detection and a Synology NAS on which I use Surveillance Station. Within Surveillance Station I created an action rule that sends a webhook to my Homey when motion is detected. I then use a flow to act on it. I was able to do this after searching this forum and finding this post Thanks guys!

My webhook uses the Athom cloud like this: https://[my_cloud_id].connect.athom.com/api/manager/logic/webhook/camera_motion. What I could not find (yet) here, or anywhere else on the internet, is how to use a webhook within my local network with a flow card. So, without using the Athom cloud. What would be the URL?



is camera in case;)

And this is my synology, only the last part of the url for privacy;)

@JackDaniel, that’s it! The local network URL I needed. Thanks.