Homey apps - where to find them after update of web page?

Today I visited apps.athom.com and was surprised by new design. However I cant find apps for installation. Any hint where to look?

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I think there is something wrong…

I think it’s getting a update.

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Sure, thats professional. Unable to install app without any notice to customers.

It will be under your account when you log in.


Just checked out the new design of the apps portal and I think it’s horrible. Only a very small number of apps are browsable, the rest you’ll have to search for. I don’t know what the idea behind this is but I think this is a HUGE downgrade.


It’s stil in Maintenance, let’s hope it is’n ready yet.
I’m missing the “New” filter, that’s the one always use!

It’s really bad. Hope this does not stay this way.

I liked browsing the store,… you always would something new to install.
Search does not bring me this.


“wat de boer niet kent, dat vreet die niet” a dutch expression.

its something what isnt familiar, so its on forehand bad.

Its just a few hours online, and already start complaning.
Give it some time, to get used to it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


A - ik ben geen boer (m’n opa was akkerbouwer, ok) (I’m not a farmer, but my granddad was :P)
B - ik ben niet het type dat bij “nieuwigheid” gelijk begint te brullen (I’m not the type that starts yelling at new developments, mostly I embrace them)
C - precies wat @DaniBlaa zegt dus. Het was nu juist zo leuk om een beetje rond te struinen. En precies dat is er dus nu totaal uit. (exactly as stated above: the random browsing for new stuff is not possible anymore)
D - zoeken impliceert dat je weet wat je zoekt. Daar heb je zoekfuncties voor. (search implies you know what you are searching for…)
E - lekker ‘rondkijken’, ‘snuffelen’ of ‘bladeren’ is nu niet meer mogelijk. (random browsing is not possible anymore, as said)
F - conclusie: sterke vermindering van functionaliteit. Simpelweg door er analytisch naar te kijken. (conclusion: strong decrease in functionality. Just an analysis.


G your on the englisch part of the forum, so please …….:rofl:

Search function not working yet but I googled the urls to the apps and could install them fine.
I agree it is not the best looking so far.

I start to wonder how Athom tested this new AppStore… or if they user-tested it at all.

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Stil under maintenance :shushing_face:

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Let’s hope it improves a lot after maintenance is completed. Maybe they are rolling it out in phases. Bit weird…

Let’s all drive slowly and backwards to The Hague and hold a big protest on the Malieveld. Seems to work for some groups…

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Nope, that’s actually very modern. Agile/scrum method… :slight_smile:

I triedto find out the version of the Harmony Hub. I had to scroll to the bottom of the page (can’t remember how many pages) to finally find the version there. For me it’s more logic that the version is somewhere at the top.

hahahaha no this I wouldn’t classify as scrum/agile. If this would be a new product, you could say this is an MVP (minimal viable product) but in this case we already had a nicely working product.

I have worked as an Ops-engineer for years and if I would have rolled out a new release like this, my superiors would have chopped my head of!


Fully agree with you.